01 REPRESENTING THE UNDERDOGS ft. Martin Harrington (Songwriter, Record Producer & Music Publisher)

Season 1, Episode 1— April 2, 2020

This is Blurred Laws & Life with acclaimed lawyer & litigator Richard Busch. Today on this landmark first episode, we discuss: A little about Richard’s background & landmark victories, the future seeming uncertain & hope for what’s to come, Growing Up in Carol City, Florida, guests to come on the podcast, Blurred Lines case backstory & Copyright Law, the Disenfranchising of Composers & more. Next Martin Harrington, who is a British Songwriter, record producer and Music Publisher joins Richard on Blurred Laws & Life to discuss: Writing the song “Amazing” & a copyright infringement case against Ed Sheeran’s song “Photograph,” current Copyright Infringement Law, The Creation of Original Music, how The Blurred Lines case has helped others, artists becoming aware of copying others’ work, which song writers are better? Ed Sheeran, getting along in these Coronavirus days as a songwriter & a whole lot more!

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