06 TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION & THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN ft. Al Bell (Former Stax owner & CEO, Producer & Songwriter) Responds to Jan Gaye!

Season 1, Episode 5— May 7, 2020

On this very special episode of Blurred Laws & Life with Richard Busch we begin with special guest Al Bell (Former Stax Owner & CEO, Producer & Songwriter) to discuss: Standing up for Stax Records, if he’s intimidated by Jan Gaye & responding to her from Chapter 5, Shouting at what she said, if there had not been Berry Gordy & him doing the impossible, Berry Gordy coming up with an artistic concept for Top 40 Radio stations to play African American Music & his great hook lines, white artists covering their music & getting paid more for their performances thanks to MoTown Records, Marvin vs. Isaac, Smokey vs. Otis, who were the more talented writers or performers & more. Then Richard brings it back to the Blurred Laws & Life microphone to discuss: Wondering why lawsuits can never be determined at the outset & it depending on many variables, the perfect example: 3 independent but related cases that Richard was involved with that were decided by the court of appeals, 2 of the 3 with the court of appeals reaching very different verdicts than the district court judges, Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: May 4th, 2001, the district judge staying all of the cases except the first 10, 1) Bridgeport Music vs Dimension Films: 3 or 4 seconds of a cord from a George Clinton song, the district court dismissing the case on Summary Judgement, Dismissing the case on Deminimus Grounds, if one takes/lifts a sample & if it should be copyright infringement, The Copyright Act of 1976 & Congress giving others the right to cover other songs, The argument & statute they used to win the court ruling, Shep Pettibone & a horn hit in “Love Break” & “Vogue”, Acquiring The Sowl Soul Catalog & suing Madonna & Warner Brothers, the ruling, Warner coming after Shep for legal fees, filing in New York District Court, the Breach of Warranties provision, the ruling of the case & so much more.

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