Transportation Law

King & Ballow has assembled a sophisticated staff of transportation attorney-practitioners who represent numerous commercial motor carriers in labor, employment, and business-related disputes. Truckload and less-than-truckload carriers seek our counsel on federal laws, and statutes relating to safety, labor and employment law issues, insurance coverage disputes, freight loss and damage claims, indpendent contractor status, contract construction and interpretation, workers’ compensation, and other industry-related matters.

Our attorneys have lectured on the above topics before the American Trucking Association, Tennessee Trucking Association, and Truckload Carriers Association. We also published Whistleblowing on Wheels, Management’s Guide to the Surface Transportation Assistance Act booklet, which explains the trucking industry employees’ whistleblowing statute, and provides guidance for managers and dispatchers when confronted with drivers’ refusals to operate for safety-related reasons, as well as dealing with other industry employees who voice safety concerns.

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