34 Living an Orwellian Nightmare: Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud, 1984 (A Novel), & Married Honolulu Prosecutor/Police Chief Face The Music

Season 1, Episode 34 — December 3, 2020

This is Blurred Laws & Life with Richard Busch & he is here to discuss: Polow Da Don’s feelings about Donald Trump last episode, Correction Corner (Your host comes clean on an unforgivable mistake!), living in an Orwellian nightmare, reading facts being raised in court to see if President Trump’s campaign are claiming fraud, them not claiming fraud & offering no proof, mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings, technical requirements in voting, “fake news” & misinformation, what has happened to Rudy Giuliani, a staggering crime & judgement in Honolulu court that needs to be heard & so much more! This episode is not to be missed!

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