31 Let’s Get Physical: The Story Behind Billboard’s 1980’s #1 & #6 Song of All Time ft. Steve Kipner (Multi Gold & Platinum Songwriter)

Season 1, Episode 31 — November 5, 2020

This is Blurred Laws & Life with Richard Busch & he is here to discuss: Post Halloween & Pre-Election Result Episode with a Post-Election conclusion. Then it’s an honor & privilege to have Steve Kipner (Multi Gold & Platinum Songwriter) on the show to discuss: Where he’s from and where he’s born, who is considered to be the greatest Australian, buying Paul Hogan’s house, music vs. melody argument, “Let’s Get Physical” & being banned, Olivia Newton John, The #1 song of the 80’s & how he came up with it, how he comes up with lyrics & songwriting process, writing hits for 40 years & explaining his longevity, believing in what you’re doing, Genie In A Bottle, the best song he’s ever written & why, how many songs he’s written, his father having a #1 record, how many gold & platinum records he has & so much more. This episode is not to be missed!

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