03 THE BIGGEST WINNER ft. Jillian Michaels (Fitness Superstar & Empowered Media Owner) & Giancarlo Chersich (Empowered Media CEO)

Season 1, Episode 3— April 13, 2020

Having Jillian Michaels on the podcast & her being the preeminent fitness leader in the industry, Having a distribution deal with Lionsgate & how they put her workout videos on YouTube for free on the BeFit YouTube channel, how this damaged Jillian’s video selling power, Filing an Arbitration Agreement with JAMS, Lionsgate’s argument, the language in the contract, “Pirating Your Own Product” & proving damages, Distribution Rights, the trial & arbitrators decision, ASCAP delaying payments due to COVID-19 & why that’s important. Then it’s an honor & a privilege to have Jillian Michaels (Empowered Media Owner) & Giancarlo Chersich (Empowered CEO) on Blurred Laws & Life with Richard Busch to discuss: What Jillian is doing during Quarantine, Giancarlo watching Muckbang videos, “Gun To Your Head”, falling into the Fitness Profession & The Biggest Loser, Creating concepts for her Fitness Videos, Where Jillian & Giancarlo met & became partners, how Jillian has created many of the industry standards, The Lionsgate contract & YouTube channels, her videos accumulating hundreds of millions of views, seeing Richard in a New York Times article & working together to win, The trial & winning, adapting to the challenges of free content & launching an app, forging a relationship with the Global Head of Distribution of Lionsgate after the decision, how artists can protect their content, their management style & making Jillian a household name outside of just television, advice on studying the market, being on the same team in multiple legal suits, Giancarlo’s sister being a hero & more.

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