09 THE DRIVE IN ME ft. Scott Schreer (7x BMI Composer OTY Winner, Composed all Original FOX Sports Themes, Founder TuneSat & FreePlay Music)

Season 1, Episode 9— May 28, 2020

Richard Busch comes firing out of the tunnel today to the iconic NFL on Fox Theme music because today we have the creator Scott Schreer on the podcast today! It’s an honor & a privilege to have the Composer & Producer of Iconic Theme Songs & companies on the podcast to today to discuss: How he did all of these amazing things & his drive, both of them growing up and playing sports, watching Sammy Davis Jr. & getting into entertainment, the moments that shaped them, mentors, having a natural ear & playing musical instruments, how his career began, creating “Have A Coke & A Smile” & Snickers jingles, creating a custom music production company, his composing process, the constant in the themes that he created, when he was approached about working on Spec & when he started working with Fox Sports, finalizing mixes & the themes he’s created for Fox, the NFL on FOX theme & if he got direction, meeting Roger Ailes & making the Fox News Theme, the MLB on Fox Theme, The UFC on Fox Theme, TuneSat, a case by Spotify, FreePlay Music, The Blurred Lines decision, the greatest song writers, a Peter Asher story, Quarantine & more. This episode is not to be missed!

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