07 CHANGING THE GAME ft. David Hill (Former President & Creator of Fox Sports, Sr. EVP of 21st Century Fox, Event Producer, & 33x Emmy Winner)

Season 1, Episode 7— May 14, 2020

Welcome to Blurred Laws & Life with Richard Busch. Today Richard kicks off the show by discussing:Tesla filing a Constitutional Challenge & representing Eminem for a Constitutional Issue, R.I.P. Childhood Hero Don Shula & a very funny story about him from his childhood & more. Then it’s an honor and a privilege to have David Hill (Producer, Former President of Fox Sports, Senior EVP of 21st Century Fox & Legendary Live Event Director) on the podcast to discuss: Being the President of Fox Sports, NFL Sunday, Producing World Series, Super Bowls, Academy Awards, various theme songs, Monday Night Football History & Putting together the FOX NFL Football Pre-Game Team, Hank Williams’ Theme, his parents, getting into production when he was 31, putting together Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long & Jimmy Johnson, educating people about the game through the broadcast, former athletes working in broadcasting, instinct & “using the wave”, his biggest inventions for the game, Super Bowls that he’s produced, World Series that he produced & Directing Baseball telecasts, Sports Theme Song Creation that he was a part of, copyright infringement & “My Sweet Lord”, Willful Copying in the Law, his pick for the top Sports Theme, if the NFL will be back this season & a whole lot more.

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