05 BLURRED LINES LAWSUIT ft. Jan Gaye (and by tweet Donald J. Trump!) former wife of Marvin Gaye on their life, his music & a historic victory

Season 1, Episode 5— April 26, 2020

How much fun he’s having with these episodes during Quarantine, April being better than March, how big the Blurred Lines case was & a tweet by Marvin Gaye about it, fighting after the trial was over on the appeal, those who supported and went against The Gaye’s in the Amicus Briefs & more. Then it’s an honor & a privilege to have Jan Gaye on Blurred Laws & Life with Richard Busch to discuss: Marvin Gaye’s charisma & soulful voice, the cover of Sexual Healing that came closest to Marvin, The Al Bell Episode, Stax Records vs. MoTown, The Jan & Marvin Gaye Story: How they first met, her mother, Marvin asking her to move in with him, meeting other MoTown artists, Smokey Robinson going on Howard Stern & saying that Blurred Lines was a rip off, being around Stevie Wonder & being intimidated, Silvia Moy & how she helped them win their case, the private side of Marvin, his death and impact on people, Marvin’s Father murdering him & them living together after purchasing it for his Mother, being broke towards the end of his life because he was never good with money & addiction, the relationship with his children, how he would record songs, creating the rhythm for “Got To Give It Up”, their case, being the heirs to Marvin’s musical compositions & collecting royalties, EMI administering for Marvin’s Estate & Pharrell Williams, the first time she heard Blurred Lines & it’s similarities to “Got To Give It Up”, performing on the song, what she did next & if the song was licensed, infringement, reaching out to Robin Thicke & Pharell Williams and them suing The Gaye Family, where she was when she found out that they were being sued, contacting them about working something out, how Jan & Richard got connected, going through a war together for 2 years, communicating with Marvin from the beyond, the motion filed before trial & the courts rulings before the case, what opposing council called & said to Richard before the trial, two of his partners wanting to settle, calling Jan to tell her the news & what Jan said to Richard, The strength of their resolve, Richard figuring out how they could win, emails from a Senior Executive of Universal, The Frankenstein Version of Argument of “Got To Give It Up”, how Pharrell Williams went on The Today Show before the trial, not harboring any ill will, Donald Trump’s tweet about the case and so much more.

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