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Richard Busch was quoted in the Tennessean and The Hollywood Reporter about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' vote to deny a rehearing of the "Blurred Lines" case.

"This has been a long and winding road for the Gaye family and our entire team, in which we had to fight every step of the way," Busch said. "But we were up to the challenge every time, and justice has prevailed. As I said after the trial victory in this case, what is great about this country is that the rule of law prevails no matter who you are or how many friends you have that will support you.  Nobody is above it.  And this case is the prime example of that fact."

Read the article in  the Tennessean here.

Read the article here in The Hollywood Reporter here.

Doug Pierce was quoted regarding telemarketer access to accident report records.  See the related case in the news blurb below regarding ‘promptness’ for producing records under the Tennessee Public Records Act.
Watch the report here.

Doug Pierce was cited in the Nashville Post regarding King & Ballow’s victory over the City of Nashville in the Tennessee Court of Appeals; at issue was the ‘promptness’ for producing records under the Tennessee Public Records Act.
Read the article here.

Richard Busch was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter and USA Todayabout his representation of Jillian Michaels and prevailing against Lion’s Gate.
Read the articles here:
The Hollywood Reporter
USA Today

Richard Busch interviewed by the BBC in London about U.S. Copyright Law and some of the recent cases on which he has worked.
Listen to the interview here.

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